People and product safety

For us, sustainability does not only mean issuing a report for people to read, but also the ongoing improvement of the way we do business and how we share this proces with interested people.

The AGRICOLA Group believes in “doing the right thing in any aspect of our business”, so that our company will continue existing for many years. For us, sustainability means building and taking responsibility in all aspects of our activity.

We channel our attention towards four key-fields: People, Planet, Profit and Products.

These fields include important aspects, such as food safety, employee health and safety, water and energy preservation, and animal welfare. They also involve more focus towards maintaining our profit to a level that can support our social, environmental and product development efforts.

Our top priorities are the people and product safety.

This is the reason why we have 2,800 employees who are well aware of how important food safety and quality assurance are, who help us continuously explore new ways of improving our processes, procedures and technologies.