Cooking for others means more than food in the Romanian culture – it is a form of manifestation of our proverbial affection, generosity and hospitality. And when the family gathers around the abundant dinner table, it is a moment of peace, joy and an opportunity for communication.

However, Romanians cook increasingly more and more rare and the meals with the whole family occur almost exclusively on holidays – the modern lifestyle means unbalanced eating, fast food and eating on the run, on the street or in front of TV.

Togetherness and communication between people also slip through the fingers, as we meet more and more rarely at the table.

Positioning itself on the market as the ‘supporter of the cooked food in your own style’, AGRICOLA promises to bring Romanian families back around the rich and healthy dinner tables. The new AGRICOLA image started in 2020 and is developed based on a creative concept under the slogan ‘Who eats together, stays together’.

According to a national iSense Solutions survey, when Romanian eat together with the family, they feel fulfilled (73%), happy (72%), confident (61%), peaceful (58%). On the other hand, when Romanians eat alone, they feel rushed (59%), restless (32%), nervous (28%), tense (26%). Perhaps the most important result of the survey is the fact that 83% of the Romanians believe that family meals are important, and their most mentioned benefits are: improving communication between family members (94%), it represents an opportunity to spend time with family (94), it offers a sense of security and unity 91%.

 Agricola promotes the importance of family meals as the nucleus that brings the family together and that transforms friends into family. Throughout our lives we have thousands of family lunches, and as many meals with our loved ones.