Agricola Chickens have 2 well known atributes : the quality and the easiness of cooking.  At AGRICOLA we produce daily the most fresh and healthy chicken . It is not self praise, but we can say this, because we produce in our household all the necessary things, from fodder to day-old chickens, to carefully taking care of the birds by veterinarians.

In addition, every day , from the gates of our farms  we sell vigorous chickens,  ready to be prepared on the romanians tables.

The quality of the AGRICOLA chicken meat has also been validated by professional chefs from all over the world. “The most highly qualified jury in the world “, according to the Brussels International Taste & Quality Institute ( ITQI ) has awarded in 2014 , 2016 and 2018 two gold stars and the ” remarkable taste ” qualification to the Agricola Joyful Chicken, as well as the right to include the ITQI brand on the product label for 3 years.

As for the practical preparation, we have created a chicken meat assortment that can be prepared without too much effort. As people nowadays lead busy lives and do not have as much time to cook as in the past , we are continuously adapting our products to meet our customers needs and expectations.