At AGRICOLA, the tradition goes hand in hand with the latest technologies. This is how we manage to make the ancestral traditional recipes on modern equipment. And our salamis still have the authentic, Romanian taste, along with the freshness and natural feel of the home-made goodies.
As for the complex process we use for our salamis, they are fully compliant with the strictest safety regulations.    

We do our best to offer our customers authentic tastes, along with our products’ freshness and high-quality.


Barbeque products

Simply because not everything in life is ready-made, AGRICOLA`s fresh product range comes to support the ones who love to get involved and stimulate their cooking creativity, with our minced pork, made from fresh pork and of course the ones who prefer outdoor picnics with two assortments of “mititei” and fresh grill sausages, ready to grill.

Boiled-smocked products

The chicken and pork products made by AGRICOLA are suited for any moment of the day and add extra flavour, taste and refinement to any special occasion. Our wide product assortment is perfectly suited for any requirement or taste, conservative or modern, adapted to the healthy, protein-balanced product concept. The presentation is also diverse, with a wide variety of shapes, ...

Raw-dried products

AGRICOLA`s masters harmoniously blend the taste of pork, beef and mutton with natural spices to create after the curing process, the most distinguished dry-cured products you`ll ever taste. In a wide palette of assortments, established recipes or innovative ambitions, sliced, whole or bulk, salamis, sausages or specialties…whichever the criteria, AGRICOLA`s dry-cured meat products are made to meet any demands and ...