Recognized as a long line family of farmers, AGRICOLA gives people natural and healthy taste including its dairy products, obtained in the heart of Şerbeşti farm from Bacău.

AGRICOLA dairy products have as attributes like slim, fluid, creamy, white-pearl, natural clot – the authentic values ​​of this noble craft, acquired from the ancestors
The classic craftsmanship,  in which love for milk prevails and from which they are missing the preservatives and additives make from Agricola dairy products an natural authentic delight, which fortify the body and delight the people reunited around the rich table

Magazine cu lactatele Agricola:

–       Piața Centrala Bacau

–       Piața Sud Bacau

–       Piata Miorița Bacau

–       Aprodu Purice Bacau 2 puncte de lucru

–       Piata Adjud

–       Piata Slanic Moldova