These are floor-raised chicken eggs. Our floor-raised chickens walk happily in our sheds. Day by day, we care for them, and we give them the best foodstuffs for high-quality eggs. The egg is an anti-stress kind of food, as it is the perfect combination of protein, healthy fats, carbohydrates and nutrients (minerals and vitamins).

The egg is an excellent source of tryptophan(one egg contains 25% of the daily dose), an amino acid with anti-stress properties, essential for the nervous cells. An egg also contains 15% of the daily dose of protein, is an important source of the vitamins B (B2, B12, B5), D and A. The egg contains phosphorus, selenium, iron, potassium, calcium and other important for the metabolism minerals. What’s remarkable is their respective proportions, perfectly suited for the human body’s minerals and vitamins needs. An egg also contains 0.04 grams of Omega 3 and 0.64 grams of Omega 4. They are packaged in beige cardboard boxes of 6, 10, or 30 eggs.

Cooking method:

Scrambled eggs The scrambled eggs are made from the yolks and whites mixed together. They are easy to cook in non-stick pans. To homogenize, whisk the eggs shortly before pouring the mixture in the pan. Add small knob of butter or a small amount of cream to the egg mixture for extra-silkiness. Cook over low-medium heat, stirring constantly with a wooden or a silicone spatula. The final texture is determined by the mixing speed. For a creamy texture with small egg clots, stir constantly and vigorously and scrape the pan bottom and sides. Once the eggs are scrambled, but still soft and and half-cooked, turn off the heat. The eggs will cook using the residual heat. Season at the end of cooking, as salt breaks the egg protein and the mixture becomes watery. Use chopped herbs and cheese to complement the taste of the scrambled eggs. Use this method for velvety, creamy and juicy scrambled eggs.

Tip: For larger egg clots, simply stir the eggs less frequently and slower.

Storage conditions: In cool (recommended temperature 6-16°C), dry (relative humidity under 75%), free of odours spaces. We recommend to keep the eggs in the refrigerator, after purchase.

 Informatii nutriţionale / 100gInformatii nutriţionale / 100gGDA pe porţie
Valoare energetică151 kcal / 632.69 kj90.600 kcal / 632.69 kj4.530 %
Proteine12.50 g7.500 g15.000 %
Glucide0.71 g0.426 g0.158 %
din care zaharuri0.00 g0.000 g0.000 %
Lipide11.20 g6.720 g9.600 %
din care acizi saturaţi151 kcal3.20 g9.600 %
Fibre0.14 g0.084 g0.336 %
Sodiu0.13 g0.078 g3.250 %