We raise beautiful red hens with a lovely side-flopping comb in improved battery-cages, providing the hens with all the comfort they need: areas for resting, egg-laying and, most importantly, a free access straight line feeding module. The battery also includes a watering system adapted to the number of hens in the shed.

The eggs are fresh and perfect for breakfast, deserts or main dishes. They are packaged in beige cardboard boxes of 6, 10, 15, or 30 eggs.

Storage conditions: In cool (recommended temperature 6-16°C), dry (relative humidity under 75%), free of out-doors spaces. We recommend you to keep the eggs in the refrigerator, after the purchase.

Cooking method:

Poached eggs More difficult to cook, but with a spectacular taste. Bring the water to the boil and remove from heat. Warning! There shall be absolutely no bubble of air in the water. Break the egg in a bowl. Pour the egg in the boiled water. Leave for three minutes and remove with a spoon.

Tip: Before you pour the egg in the water, stir well and pour the egg in the middle of the pot. Remove the egg and place it on asparagus. Enjoy!  

 Informatii nutriţionale / 100gInformatii nutriţionale / 100gGDA pe porţie
Valoare energetică151 kcal / 632.69 kj90.600 kcal / 632.69 kj4.530 %
Proteine12.50 g7.500 g15.000 %
Glucide0.71 g0.426 g0.158 %
din care zaharuri0.00 g0.00 g0.000 %
Lipide11.20 g6.720 g9.600 %
din care acizi saturaţi151 kcal3.20 g9.600 %
Fibre0.14 g0.084 g0.336 %
Sodiu0.13 g0.078 g3.250 %