We raise beautiful red hens with a lovely side-flopping comb in improved battery-cages, providing themwith all the comfort they need: areas for resting, egg-laying and, most importantly, a free access straight line feeding module.

The battery also includes a watering system adapted to the number of hens in the shed. The eggs are fresh and perfect for breakfast, deserts or main dishes. Packages 5 30-eggs cartons.

Shelf life: 28 from laying day

Storage conditions: In cool (recommended temperature 6-16°C), dry (relative humidity under 75%), free of odours spaces. We recommendyouto keep the eggs in the refrigerator, after the purchase.

 Informatii nutriţionale / 100gInformatii nutriţionale / 100gGDA pe porţie
Valoare energetică151 kcal / 632.69 kj90.600 kcal / 632.69 kj4.530 %
Proteine12.50 g7.500 g15.000 %
Glucide0.71 g0.426 g0.158 %
din care zaharuri0.00 g0.000 g0.000 %
Lipide11.20 g6.720 g9.600 %
din care acizi saturaţi151 kcal3.20 g9.600 %
Fibre0.14 g0.084 g0.336 %
Sodiu0.13 g0.078 g3.250 %