These are free-range chicken eggs. We’re raising with great care Happy Chickens, in our own farmyard.

They graze on generous-size meadows, for the tastiest and most nutritious eggs. They are walking happily all day long on our meadows and they are fed exclusively with high-quality cereals. Of course, the eggs will be fresh, with an excellent egg-yolk colour and a nice brown shell. Last, but not least, the commitment our Avicola Lumina farmers to caring all day long for our Happy Chickens makes the difference. 

Taste our Happy Chicken Eggs and you’ll become a believer. They are packaged in emerald-green cardboard boxes of 6, 10, 15 and 30 eggs. Their expiry date is 28 days from the laying day. Storage conditions: In cool (recommended temperature 6-16°C), dry (relative humidity under 75%), free of odours spaces. We recommend to keep the eggs in the refrigerator, after purchase.

Cooking method: Boiled eggs

Technically, the eggs are not actually boiled, but poached. Actual boiling may firm up and lead to egg-yolk discolouration and, usually, to cracked shells. The difference between the soft-, medium- and hard-boiled eggs is the result of the cooking time. There are more then one ways of boiling eggs. First, bring cold water to the boil in a pot. Add 2 tsp of salt for each litre of water. Lower the heat until the salted water is simmering and add the eggs. The simplest way is to place them on a spoon and slowly immerse them.

Depending on the cooking time, the eggs should be:

•    Very soft-boiled – 3-4 minutes

•    Soft-boiled, creamy – 4-5 minutes

•    Medium-boiled – 5-7 minutes

•    Hard-boiled –  8 minutes

Once the eggs are boiled, remove them from the hot water and immerse them in cold, icy water to stop cooking, or place them under a tap cold water. Stopping the cooking process stops the overcooking.

 Informatii nutriţionale / 100gInformatii nutriţionale / 100gGDA pe porţie
Valoare energetică151 kcal / 632.69 kj90.600 kcal / 632.69 kj4.530 %
Proteine12.50 g7.500 g15.000 %
Glucide0.71 g0.426 g0.158 %
din care zaharuri0.00 g0.000 g0.000 %
Lipide11.20 g6.720 g9.600 %
din care acizi saturaţi151 kcal3.20 g9.600 %
Fibre0.14 g0.084 g0.336 %
Sodiu0.13 g0.078 g3.250 %