Balanced in size, carefully cut, the thighs are some of the most appreciated chicken cuts.

Tasty, with fresh out from the oven crispy skin, they are perfect for rich, traditional tastes.

The package is versatile and adapted to the modern life needs: the 700 g ATM tray and a 10-days shelf life, as well as to the traditional preferences: the 1.2-1.4 kg polystyrene tray and an 8-days shelf life. Frozen and refrigerated product.


  • 100% vegetable foodstuffs for our poultry
  • 100% MBM-free
  • 100% hormones- or growth steroids-free
  • Easy to handle recyclable package.


According to the thermal state of the product you have bought, please keep the product either in the refrigerator or in the freezer.

Defrost meat in the refrigerator or the microwave oven.

Keep raw meat separated from the rest of your food.

Wash the working surfaces (butchers block), your utensils and your hands after processing meat.


Cook chicken (boil, fry or roast).