The Agricola Group in the media

We are a group of closely connected farms working together in order to offer Romanians the freshness of farm-made products, such as they have known it for ages and such as they still dream of.

We are the first and the unique group in Romania that offers chicken meat, raw-dry salami and boiled-smoked meat specialties, ready-meals and take-outs, eggs and egg powder at the highest safety and unequal freshness standards.

Freshness is gold to us, so we are proud that it can be found on our whole production chain – from safely and responsively bred animals up to the fine ingredients employed in the products bearing our name and fame for more than half a century.

Due to the fact that, for over 50 years, our responsively and diligently fed farm has acquired more than any other. We managed to put to work the forerunners’ tradition and values together with the modern technology that most of the investments have been directed to and the ambition to uphold the freshness and quality of our products. We, Agricola defined a new standard of food wellbeing, introduced the responsible business model concordant with the Romanian husbands’ nature, innovated in the meat and the best meat product market and have always directed people, as a genuine mentor.