As the researchers all over the world are predicting the increase in water consumption, we all need to think how use every drop of water carefully and to continue to elaborate technologies aiming to preserve the fresh water stock, assuring the continuation of normal life for the generations to come.
Agricola International in Bacau, Romania is proud to be member of a 29 organizations project consortium, all aiming to look to their own ‘’water footprint’’ and open to implement flexible decision support systems which can assist them in becoming the first Romanian ‘’water sustainable water company’’ in food industry. The expertise gained in the next project actions will allow the Agricola’s experts to share their view with partners and collaborators in food or other industries, in all countries in Eastern Europe. In Romania, Agricola International will cooperate with another Romanian partner, member of the project consortium (Business Development Group SRL, based in Bucharest).
As the industries are estimating to consume more than 20-25 % from the total fresh water consumption globally, we all definitely see that Innovation in water treatment can bring close loops to at almost 100% for important industrial water users and enable new multi-billion-euro markets in saved or recovered and reused water resources.
AquaSPICE started in December 2020 as a 42-months project leaded by Technical University in Aachen, Germany, funded by the European Commission under the #H2020 programme; it is focused on advancing sustainability of process industries through digital and circular water use innovations. AquaSPICE’s innovations will be tested in six 6 EU countries, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Slovenia and Romania, as well as Turkey.

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