In quarter 1 2015, the sales of AGRICOLA increased by 7% for chicken and 19% for cured salamis.

In quarter 1 2015, the sales of AGRICOLA increased by 7% for chicken and 19% for cured salamis.

Bucharest, 21 July 2015: If in the first half of 2014, the AGRICOLA Group turnover increased by 4% as compared with the same period of 2013, and, at the end of this year’s first semester, the cumulated turnover increase is of 3.4%, compared with 2014 (306.766 millions lei).

The slightly slower pace of the growth is the result of the turnovers of some of the group’s companies calibrating their activity to the market situation.

The companies with lower turnovers in H1 2015, compared with H1 2014 are:

  • Aicbac SA (dairy and land farming) by 0.41%, Suinprod Siret SRL (swine farming) by 13% and Agricola Magazine SRL (the AGRICOLA shops network) by 20%.

On the other hand, the companies selling and manufacturing products under the AGRICOLA brand reveal substantial increases of their turnover/sales, compared to the first half of 2014.

Hence, Agricola Internațional SA, the main company of the Agricola Group, i.e. the poultry meat production chain and the logistics operator, reveals, over the first six months, a turnover similar to the last year’s first half, reaching at this moment roughly 172 millions lei.

Grigore Horoi

* The turnover is at the last year’s level, mainly due to decrease of foodstuffs sales to third parties. However, over the first six months, the sales of chicken increased both in volume, by 6.8% (19,043 tons), compared with the same period of 2014, and in value, by 5.2%, in the context of a European and domestic decrease of the medium market price for poultry meat. We keep in line with this year’s schedule, aiming to reaching sales of 36,000 tons of chicken. We aim to increasing percentage of the high-value products (pre-cut, skinless) from our portfolio and to increasing the sales of difference-making AGRICOLA products. Nearly 10% of our total sales of chicken come from our innovative products: the Happy Chicken, the Family Chicken, the Antistress Chicken and the easy-cooking product range. “As of September, our production of Happy Chickens shall double, as the market demands this high-value product”, states Grigore Horoi, president of AGRICOLA Bacău.


SALBAC’s turnover increased by 11.2% over the first six months, reaching 47.439 millions lei (compared to the 42.662 millions lei of 2014), as the sales of cured salamis reveal the highest increase: 17% in value and 19% in volume, respectively. At the same time, the boiled/smoked salamis reveal a slight, planned decrease in volume, of 3.38%, in line with the market trends. “Our growth trend stays the same for the cured salamis, a product we’re market leaders of and we’re manufactured some years, now. The AGRICOLA Sibiu Salami is still the market leader of its segment (52% in value and 50% in volume). We’ve used our cured salami manufacturing facility we’ve invested into last year at full capacity and we carefully control the decrease of our boiled/smoked salamis production, compensating with our fresh products (mititei, ground meat, fresh sausages), in demand both on the domestic and the external markets”, states Grigore Horoi.

Our ready-to-eat and ready-meals manufactured by Europrod reveal a turnover by 7.2% higher over the first six months (14.044 millions lei, compared to the 13.101 millions lei of H1 2014 These products also reveal a 5% volume increase.

The sales of eggs from Avicola Lumina-Constanta also increased both in volume, by 13.34 % (30.567 millions eggs over 6 months of 2015), and in value, by 20.78% (10.236 millions lei in H1 2015).

The turnover of Agricola Magazine SRL decreased by 20%, compared to last year’s first trimester, as the number of shops it operates decreased from 45 to 35.