The taste of the future

AGRICOLA – responsibility is good for taste

Young people who get the Taste of the Future

Although televisions have been promoting for years the game shows endorsed by chefs in which cooking enthusiasts are trying their culinary talents, in fact being a chef has lost its sparkle and especially its attractiveness among young people. 

There are few restaurants where customers feel they are truly honoured by a chef who does his job with love, inspiration and culinary science.

This is the context in which AGRICOLA, through the Agricola – neam de gospodar Association, aims to reach the new generation, be an inspirational engine for young people and to support those who create the Taste of the Future – one of the projects in the social responsibility program launched by Agricola.

Thus, 20 students from Ion Ghica Economic High School of Bacău were invited in the kitchen along with Chef Cezar Munteanu. The young people were selected following the registrations made via e-mail, after the meeting with Chef Cezar in June 2019. 

The focus of the workshops held by Chef Cezar is to bring children to the kitchen, and even to the kitchens themselves, so that they have a real learning experience.

From the ingredients, the routine and the discipline in the kitchen, the following of the steps of a recipe to the teamwork, the taking of responsibilities and experimenting in a way that is as close to the profession of cook, the students got everything, and even more.

Because this was a context in which children were able to practice, learn, cook and reach finish products, working as a team, with raw materials not available during school hours, and under the guidance of Chef Cezar.

The final point of this year’s stage of the project is to challenge these children to cook a gala dinner, demonstrating talent and skill, while showing the long way to go when someone trusts you.













In December, teachers and students from Ion Ghica High School of Bacau participated in a cooking class in Bucharest held by Horeca School, a project in partnership with the Agricola – Neam de Gospodari Association.