The taste that is good-

The taste that is good for the children

Nutrition is more than food, and in order to support the recovery of the body, there are necessary the most nutritious foods. Especially when the sufferer is a child. 

Health is above all. That is why we initiated the project ‘The taste that is good’, part of the Agricola social responsibility program, a project implemented at the Paediatrics Hospital of Bacău.

This project means a modernly equipped kitchen for the hospital canteen, where nutritious and tasty recipes can be cooked to help the little ones get to their feet as quickly as possible.

The intervention on the hospital menu, on the way of preparation and cooking is done by Chef Cezar Munteanu. A menu that is nutritionally correct, but also to the liking of the young sick children is the challenge we take on. 

And the equipment of the kitchen, the alignment with the norms and legislative standards, the improvement of the conditions of preparation and servicing of the meal, come to complete the project.

This project will be extended in 2020, in the context in which the building of the Paediatrics Hospital of Bacau enters a process of reconsolidation/renovation.