Anywhere in Europe

Day in and day out, our goodies reach the homes of millions of Europeans, carrying along the quality and the tradition of the good Romanian farmers and butchers.

Our high-quality products are as highly appreciated abroad as they are back home. For years now, we've been warmly welcomed in the intra-community exchanges, and our ready-meals and ready-to-eat products are highly appreciated by the health-preoccupied Europeans.

Our fresh Agricola chicken meat reaches countries such as the UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Greece.

In 2015, 13% of the production of chicken meat obtained from our own farms was exported, mainly within the EU: UK, France, Austria, Germany, Italy, Malta but also outside of the European Union, in Macedonia and Kosovo. Also, 23% of the production of convenience food from Europrod went to countries such as France, Denmark, UK and Malta. For the raw-dry salamis produced at Salbac, exports in 2015 were 8%, and for the boiled-smoked meat specialties 19.6%, the main markets being Spain, Italy, UK, Austria, France and Greece.