Quality at the highest standards

Agricola complies with the highest quality and safety food standards and this applies to all the steps of the production and sales chains.

All technologies and facilities we use strictly adhere to the EU hygiene and health requirements.


Our commitment to excellence lead to us being awarded a SR EN ISO 22000-2005, SR EN ISO 9001:2015 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007 certification from TUV HESSEN for our up to the strictest standards quality and food safety management, and our industriousness in implementing the global food safety BRC – GFS: 2018, IFS Food : 2017 and CG Mark won us an immediate certification renewal from DQS (Frankfort, Germany).

AGRICOLA is the only Romanian producer to have been validated, trough the GC-MARK international certification system, the slow raising process of the Happy Chickens. The process involves a minimum of 56 days raising period, feeding them with cereals and raising them in small, low density farms, specific to such products. The GC-Mark certification confirmsthat the product validationis in compliance with the highest quality norms and criteria along the entire production chain.

AGRICOLA also holds a IFS Food edition 6 2012 – International Food Safety Standard certification, assessing the suppliers with their own brands, applicable for the Western Europe retailers.