Avicola Lumina

At Avicola Lumina we gather, sort, mark and pack eggs. We are also unparalleled when it comes to fully raising poultry and making feedstuffs for our poultry. This is the way we manage to provide a good, healthy life to our thousands of floor-raised chickens that lay, for us and our customers, first class, fresh eggs. We encourage the clients to buy straight from the farm, reconnecting, this way, with the taste and freshness of the traditional household produce.  

The production chain

Avicola Lumina manages 18 egg-laying hens’ sheds over 20 hectares, upgraded in line with the EU requirements on poultry movement and freedom in 2012, via substantial investments. The egg-production capacity went up to 75 millions/year, and the sorting and packaging facilities can process 45,000 eggs/hour, using the latest types of equipment. We’re the only feedstuffs providers for our poultry, as we manufacture all the feedstuffs we need at Avicola Lumina, based on our own recipes.  

National project

Avicola Lumina provides a new type of eggs, with an impact on the customers’ good health, due to their naturally improved nutritional features. This project’s aim is to obtain, at Avicola Lumina (SME) eggs naturally enriched with carotenoids (mainly lutein and zeaxanthin), through nutrition, that may help preventing the occurrence of MD (macular degeneration), i.e. a new type of egg, with a functional food role. There is a market for such functional food, proved by the market analysis included in the Business Plan. No patent was registered in Romania for carotenoids-enriched eggs and the only such patent we’ve identified was obtained by Kaw et al for lutein-enriched eggs (USA, 2010, patent No. 7758884 B2), and the nutritional formula carotenoid was extracted from marigolds (Calendula officinalis).

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International Project

Using winemaking by-products as natural antioxidants for egg-laying chickens polyunsaturated fats-enriched foodstuffs recipes

There’s also the option of replacing the synthetic foodstuffs antioxidants with vegetable antioxidants, rich in various antioxidant chemicals. The wine processing technology by-products are among the natural antioxidants with antioxidant characteristics, due to their high levels of polyphenols and citric acid. Several studies indicate that both the pomaderesulted from grape fermentation and the grape seedextracts are highly antioxidant. Considering the large volume of wine processing by-products and the significant environmental risk of such processed waste, we think using them in poultry and farm animals foodstuffs it is an effective solution.

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