AGRICOLA invites you to Storybook Prizes

AGRICOLA has continued, since 8 February 2016, the integrated communication campaign Story Meals, launched last year, dedicated to the three product lines (poultry, raw-dry salamis and ready meal products), with focus on our differentiating products.

For 6 weeks AGRICOLA will be on air, on a mix of 14 TV stations in Romania – so in the Romanians’ homes – with the Happy Chicken, the Farmer’s Chicken and the Sibiu Salami.

From 8 February to 20 March will be running on Tvs the first flight of the image campaign for AGRICOLA’s chicken meat, focusing from the second week on the Happy Chicken and the Farmer’s Chicken, a move that aims to strengthen in people’s perception the messages of the integrated campaign ” Story Meals”

Starting with 8th of February comes to the fore also the Sibiu Salami, through an image campaign of 4 weeks, conducted on 13 TV stations, having as shooter PRO TV channel.

Between March 1st to April 10th it’s time for differentiating ready-meal products: Chicken Breast Nuggets and Strips without E-numbers, to enter in a campaign that will generate awareness of these unique products on the domestic market. For the first time, the vegetal products: Vegetable Fantasy, Vegetal Schnitzel and Falafel, will join the campaign.

The ”Story Meals” campaign unfolds and our Facebook page – creatordepoftă, and is also promoted in digital sphera and in store.