About us

The artisans

We are the first and only group of companies on the Romanian meat and meat processing market to swear by our good administration, product freshness and excellent additional services.

With a history of over 57 years, we keep striving for perfection in our work.

Brief presentation

We are a group of closely-knit exploitations, working together to provide for our Romanian clients the home-like freshness of our products, just as they knew it and as they still long for. We are the first and only Romanian group of companies providing poultry meat, cured salamis and boiled/smoked meat products, ready-meals and ready-to-eat products, eggs and egg powder at the highest safety standards and of unparalleled freshness.

For us, freshness is the gold standard, so it is perfectly understandable that it goes along our entire production chain: from our animals and poultry raised responsibly, to the valuable ingredients we use for the products that bear our name and have made us well known for longer than half a century.

For more than 57 years, we have been working responsibly and diligently. We have succeeded in bringing together our ancestors traditions and values, the modern technologies we are constantly investing in, and the ambition to maintain our product freshness and quality. This way, AGRICOLA has defined a new standard for the food well-being, added the responsible business model to the Romanian artisans nature, innovated on the highest quality meat and meat-processing market, and we have also unrelentingly lead our people as their mentors.

We are AGRICOLA. We are the artisans.


The first writings about the existence of AGRICOLA on our lands go back to 1957. Some 57 years ago, a handful of skilled farmers, with respect for the more than a century old tradition of Bacau in livestock and poultry breeding, has set up a farm that they would enrich for a long time, with commitment and abundance, during several generations. Called Avicola, according to the practice of the time, that team of hearty people, assumed the mission to hoard the healthy ancestral habits in poultry breeding, and provide fresh meat on the Romanians tables.

As these lands have housed over the century far-famed butchers, in 1976 a new household was founded in Bacau, which we call today – Salbac – the first in this region of Romania, which set up the most modern technology of the time for manufacture of sausages and specialties from meat and, in particular salamis with mold and long cure time. Thereby it was highlighted every craftsman's diligent and inspired talent, through the recipes that were passed down from one generation to another, from a good husbandman to another. Practically, the personality of each gifted person and of each generation of householders can be currently found in Agricola. Our household – modern today, adapted to the times we live in – is firmly rooted in authentic traditions and respect for people; for people who for decades choose to put food on their tables made from fresh meat from AGRICOLA or quality products crafted by his own hands.

The most important moment in its history was sealed in 1992 by merging of the households: Mixed Fodder Factory, Avicola, Suinprod, Carbac and Aicbac under the Romanian-German holding Agricola International – a union of specialized units that will not only keep the tradition of quality, but will be the engine which will "refresh" the food safety of Romanians. AGRICOLA was all the while a pathfinder, a producer who had the courage of pioneering in the meat industry in Romania.

We struggled through many hardships over the years and we always came out victorious. Actually we are today in the top of the Romanian market of fresh chicken meat, of prestigious and authentical raw-dried salamis, of tasty ready meals and eggs obtained from hens raised in freedom, being famous as "the most dynamic and innovative Romanian household". The companies in our Group are the standard for the modern business model that we have imposed over the years, an integrated and innovative model, recognized and certified at European level for product quality and service excellence.

For over 57 years, at AGRICOLA we produce the freshest chicken meat and most diversified meats and eggs from Romania. For over half a century we offer our buyers and customers quality products and responsible services, with professionalism. For over five decades we run together a household always young, always honest, always leading.